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Knight Fusion Singers

Inspire. Entertain. Educate.

Who Are We?

Knight Fusion is a dynamic group of dedicated students committed to building a quality choral ensemble while also pursuing various degrees at Marian University. Students display a wide range of show choir experience from never having been in a show choir to participating in award winning competitive show choirs in quality choral programs throughout the Midwest. Knight Fusion singers all share the same passion for music, dance, energy, and showbiz.

What do we do?

Knight Fusion features contemporary choral music that moves, with styles ranging from pop to rock to Broadway. It is a unique college ensemble where future music educators can learn the craft of show choir, empowering them as they enter the world of choral education. Knight Fusion students have the opportunity to work with nationally renowned show choir arrangers, choreographers, and conductors. Knight Fusion believes in sharing their gift of music in hopes of making the world a better place. The ensemble serves as the flagship ambassador of music for Marian University, reaching out to the city, the state, and beyond.

Why do you need to be a Knight Fusion Singer?

Knight Fusion members instantly have a place to call their own on a college campus. It is is an accepting and caring group of students that have genuine interests in each other's lives. You are able to continue pursuing your passion to perform while funding your college education, regardless of your major. More importantly, the students in Knight Fusion have FUN performing, learning, spending time together socially, and sharing their talents.

How to Join

For More Information, Contact

Elizabeth Hearn
Knight Fusion Director
Assistant Professor of Music

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