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San Damiano Scholars Program

"Among the other gifts that we have received and do daily receive there is our vocation, for which do we owe the greatest thanks." - Clare of Assisi

The call to, “Come, follow me” is powerful. It’s inspirational. It’s deeply personal. And, it has lasting implications.

We believe the Church deserves well-formed and grounded leaders. People who are willing to answer the call to something larger than themselves. People who are willing to explore their beliefs and find their life’s work.

Marian University’s San Damiano Scholars Program for Church Leadership educates and forms college students who have a love for their Church. It’s for students interested in becoming leaders in:

  • Parishes
  • Education
  • Health care (doctors and nurses)
  • Business
  • Law
  • Not-for-Profits

San Damiano Scholar applicants must also apply for admission and be accepted to Marian University in order for the San Damiano Scholarship application to be considered. 

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