Dr. David Benson
Director of the Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab
Director of Environmental Studies 
and Assistant Professor of Biology

Stephanie Schuck
Restoration Ecologist

Janice Hicks Slaughter 
Director of K-12 Programming
and Outreach for the Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab

Interns and Volunteers

The EcoLab employs interns every year and during the summers. Interns get hands-on experience doing ecological restoration and environmental education. These paid positions typically go to Marian University students.

There are lots of opportunities for individuals to volunteer in the EcoLab doing ecological restoration, environmental education, science outreach, or whatever your specialty might be. Volunteers are who make the EcoLab the special place it is.

We thank you all!

Other individuals who would like to intern or volunteer in the EcoLab should contact

Nina Mason Pulliam Eco Lab Advisory Board

  • John Schaust
  • Donna McCarty
  • Judith Mills
  • Neal Bennett
  • David Roth
  • Carl Wodrich
  • Lynn Jenkins
  • Max Henschen
  • Julie O'Brien
  • Jim Bisesi
  • Mary Ann Grogran
  • Joenne Pope
  • Karol Bartlett
  • Dwayne Burke
  • Diana Keely
  • David Hillman
  • Barth Hendrickson
  • Jack Snyder
  • Loren Bertocci
  • Paul Richard


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