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A Marian University Degree is a Great Investment

Marian University offers you a quality education at an affordable rate. Marian’s Adult Programs’ tuition is $375/credit hour and courses can vary from 1-5 credit hours. Regardless of the courses you take, tuition and fees are not due until 28 days after the class has ended.

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MAP courses utilize a physical or electronic textbook.  The online, hybrid, paralegal and nursing courses utilize electronic textbooks, which are available within the learning management system (LMS).  Electronic textbooks are required and have a mandatory electronic textbook fee.  Classroom based general education and business courses offer the use of physical textbooks at no charge to the student. 

Financial Aid

At Marian University, we believe nothing should stop you from reaching your goals.  Financing your education couldn’t be easier and our experts in the Office of Financial Aid will work with you throughout the process.

Degree seeking students should fill out the FAFSA application online at www.fafsa.com.  You’ll have the opportunity to work with our Office of Financial Aid to see exactly what you qualify for. 

Online Bill Payment

All Marian University students and their families may make online payments by credit card or through a checking or savings account. Visit www.marian.afford.com and complete the information that is requested and print confirmation of your payment. The Business Office will post your payment on the next business day following your payment date. Online payments made by midnight on a published tuition due date are considered on time.

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