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Engage Your Brain - Neuroscience Conference

The Third Annual Educational Neuroscience Conference 

November 1-2, 2013
"Engage Your Brain" - Improving Student Learning Through Neuroscience

While academics is the essential component of educational work, when students are not feeling successful and capable, most well planned and efficient instruction and lessons mean nothing if there is not an emotional and relational connection to teacher and subject matter.

Educational neuroscience is the core component allowing our students to embrace "how" their brains learn. Everyday experiences structurally and functionally change the brain, and this is the best news for educators and parents. Behavior management shifts to engagement when we teach to a child's unique brain.

Please join us for an evening and morning of enlightening information and dialogue as we create a perspective and foundation that inspires and ignites emotional, social, and cognitive well-being for educators, parents, and students!    


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