Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really have to attend SOAR?

Yes. Here’s why you must complete one SOAR session from start to finish:

  • Meet with your academic advisor and register for classes.
  • Receive your student ID, something you will use daily at Marian.
  • Understand the technology, library, and other resources available to you as a Marian student.
  • Connect with faculty so you know what to expect in class.
  • Meet other new students and make friends before classes start.
  • Have fun, especially in the evening on day one if you attend a two-day SOAR session.

How long do I need to stay?

SOAR is designed to set you up for success, so it is important to attend the entire program. Please plan accordingly. Do not register for a SOAR session if you know you must arrive late or leave early. For one-day SOAR programs, plan to be on campus from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For the two-day program, plan to arrive at 9 a.m. on day one and leave after 1 p.m. on day two.

Do I need to pay a fee?

A SOAR fee is automatically charged to your student account and will appear on your bill in the fall. The fee is separate from your $100 enrollment deposit. The enrollment deposit is paid in advance to hold your place in the class and is later applied toward the balance of your tuition bill. The SOAR fee helps pay for the SOAR program and is automatically charged after your attendance.  

How do I get to Marian University?

Download our printable campus map and driving directions.

What should I wear to SOAR?

Be comfortable. There is no need to "dress up" but wear appropriate attire, especially for the weather. You will spending time in air-conditioned buildings, so bring a light jacket or sweater if you chill easily. Wear comfortable shoes for walking on campus. Remember, you will have your Marian University ID photo taken at SOAR—so arrive feeling and looking photogenic!

Do I need to bring money for meals?

Lunch is included during one-day programs for students and their guests. During two-day programs, students are fed lunch, dinner, and brunch. Family members and guests are fed lunch and brunch, with dinner on their own.

 Is SOAR required for parents and family members?

Although attendance is required for new Marian students, everything is optional for parents, families, and guests. That said, we have designed multiple sessions specifically for our guests to cater to your needs and interests. For more information on our parent and family sessions during SOAR, please visit our parents and families page. Your students will truly appreciate your attendance and support at SOAR!

Where should I stay?

If your family is traveling from a far distance and in need of lodging for SOAR, visit the lodging section for suggestions.

How are my placement testing needs determined?

Visit the placement testing section for an explanation of how placement testing needs are determined and placement tests are administered.

What’s the weather like in Indianapolis?

We recommend that you check the forecast for the day prior to leaving for SOAR. If there is a chance of rain, bring an umbrella—the weather in Indiana can be unpredictable at times. You can check the weather forecast online at; Marian University’s zip code is 46222.

I have more questions, but I don't know which office would know the answers.

No worries! Feel free to call or email the Office of Student Activities and Orientation or your Admission Counselor. We would be happy to answer your remaining questions or get you into contact with the offices at Marian who can help you further. 


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