21st Century Scholars

The Marian University 21st Century Scholar Tuition Scholarship provides an incredible opportunity to 21st Century Scholars by ensuring a quality collegiate educational experience. Each year, funded through a combination of federal, state, and Marian University financial aid, up to 25 scholarships are offered to deserving incoming 21st Century Scholars.

To be eligible, applicants must:

To apply:

  • Submit the Marian University 21st Century Scholar Tuition Scholarship Application and all required materials by January 5.
  • Eligible candidates must participate in an individual interview with the director of the 21st Century Scholars Program and other committee members.
  • Apply Online

Award notifications will begin in late February. Candidates not selected will receive a financial aid package beginning in mid-March.

The 21st Century Scholar Tuition Scholarship is renewable for up to seven consecutive semesters for students who enroll full-time, maintain state eligibility and good academic and social standing, as well as:

  • Actively participate in the Mentor to Success Program.
  • Attend at least one Academic Success Program per semester.
  • Attend at least one session of STARR per semester.
  • Attend at least one 21st Century Scholars social outing per semester.
  • Maintain GPA requirements set by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE)

For more information, please contact:

Tonya Hall
Director 21st Century Scholars Program

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