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A Generation of Knights

Renee and Stanley Lay '89 are rirst-generation college students that chose to go to a small private IMG_9565 Catholic college on the northwest side of Indianapolis, Indiana. The school that had beautiful land that buffered you from the downtown lights of Indianapolis. That small school was Marian College.

Stanley Lay started at Marian College in the fall of 1984 after a call from Head Baseball Coach Lynn Morrel. Morrel requested that he transfer from Vincennes University to pitch for the Knights' baseball team. He was a four year player for the Knights finishing his baseball career at Marian College in the spring of 1988, receiving a bachelor of arts degree in sociology. He then continued his journey with Marian College working in the Admissions Office for six years.

Renee Lay started at Marian College in the fall of 1985. Renee played volleyball and basketball at West Vigo High School and that is how she was pursued by Marian College’s Volleyball and Basketball Coach Audre Sauderbloom. Renee played on the Volleyball team for four years and finished her volleyball career at Marian College in the fall of 1988. She graduated in the spring of 1989 and received a bachelor of science degree in accounting.

Renee and Stan met at Marian like many other Marian Students meet when you live on campus, in the cafeteria during lunch the first week of school. Stan stated that, “This was the first time I noticed Renee and she was just breath taking. I finally worked up enough courage to ask her out at a Halloween Dance in Doyle Hall. We then went to a movie and the rest is history".

They were engaged the Summer of 1988 and Married in June of 1989 after Renee and Stan graduated in May of 1989. Their next journey started with having kids in the summer of 1994 when their daughter Vanessa was born July 29.

Vanessa played volleyball and softball at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Ohio. Vanessa went on a trip to Indianapolis with her mom to visit Marian University. She told her mom on the way home that she couldn’t put her finger on it but this place seems like home. "I just feel like this is where I’m supposed to be when I leave home and start this next journey in education and sports." Vanessa is now playing volleyball in the fall and playing softball in the spring. "Vanessa has worked hard to get where she is and Renee and I could not be more proud of how our daughter is growing up. Marian University is providing her with the same tools and credentials it provided her mother and father to be successful in the business world and in our personal lives. We love that Vanessa is at Marian University and we love that she has allowed us to be a part of that journey".


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