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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if I’m eligible for FWS?

Review your award letter in CAMS. If eligible, your award letter will state “Federal College Work Study”.

How is eligibility determined?

Eligibility is determined by the financial information from your FAFSA forms and your overall financial aid package. Students must also reside on campus in order to be eligible for FWS.

What is the rate of pay for FWS Students?

$7.25 per hour paid bi-weekly

How many hours a week can I work?

7 hours per week

How do I apply for positions?

Visit www.marian.edu/federalworkstudy for information on how to apply.

When can I start?

Prior to your first day of work, you must complete and submit your new hire paperwork to the human resources department (Marian Hall 106). Once submitted, you may typically begin working as soon as you and your department supervisor determine your schedule; see your department supervisor for your exact start date.

What must I complete for Human Resources

Required forms for the hiring process that must be completed before you begin working. This packet of forms may be picked up in the Human Resources office located in Marian Hall Room 106:

  • New Hire Form: This form must be completed to obtain necessary information for the payroll system.
  • Social Security Card: New employees must show the original social security card for tax withholding and reporting purposes.
  • The W-4 Form: Work-student earnings are subject to federal tax withholding. The W-4 form is used to stipulate marital status and number of dependents in order to correctly withhold those taxes from your pay. It is important that you file a W-4 form with the payroll office to insure accurate withholding. It is your responsibility to decide how you want to complete the W-4 Form and withhold taxes. You may wish to speak with whoever does your taxes in order to best determine how much you would expect to owe and how much you would therefore want to have withheld from your paychecks, if any.
  • The WH-4 Indiana State Withholding Form: Work study earning are subject to state withholding.
  • The I-9 form: the I-9 is a federal required document that verifies your eligibility to work in the U.S. It must be completed on or before your first day of employment. You will also need documents that establish both identity and employment eligibility or documents that establish identity and documents that establish employment eligibility. Acceptable documents are listed on page 5 of the I-9 Please read entire document carefully. You may not begin work without this verification.
  • Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit: Direct deposit is mandatory at Marian University. This form authorizes Marian University to initiate the direct deposit of your paycheck into your account. With this form, you will also need to provide a voided check from your checking or savings account or a printed statement from your bank containing your bank’s routing number and your account number.

What hours will I be working?

Most departments have office hours of Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and will want to determine a set schedule within those times. Some departments include evening and weekend schedules. See your department supervisor with specific questions about your schedule.

Can I stay in this position every year?

Depending on office needs, departments may choose to post a job description each year to accommodate new/different needs with students of varying backgrounds, or they may choose to offer the same position each year. Speak with your department supervisor and express your interest in holding the position again the following year; inquire about their future plans.

What if I don’t like my position?

Take an honest look at what you don’t like about the position. Is the work different than what you expected? Is it not challenging enough? Are the hours required conflicting with other requirements? Talk to your supervisor regarding your workload. Show initiative. There may be an opportunity for you to alter your responsibilities to fit your strengths. Come to your supervisor with suggestions for how you might add more value. It’s always good practice to present your supervisor with well-thought out suggestions versus complaints.

If the hours cannot work or there is another reason to terminate the employment with this department, understand that you may not have another FWS option. There are far more students looking for on-campus employment than there are opportunities, so consider your decision thoroughly. Ending your employment will also affect your financial aid package unless you are able to secure another position. Open positions will be listed on KnightWork.

Are summer positions available?

Not typically, though if available, they will be posted in KnightWork.



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