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Internship Search Suggestions

If you secure an internship outside of KnightWork, the employer must still post the position in the KnightWork system in order to be considered for course credit. Refer your internship provider to the Employer Posting Instructions listed at www.marian.edu/Campus-Life/office-of-internships-and-career-services/employer-posting-instructions.


  • Talk to professors, academic advisor, alumni, relatives, friends, and friends of friends to learn more about their company and/or career options that may be of interest.
  • Request an informational interview with an individual who holds a position of interest.

Company Research

  • Complete online research about any companies or individuals of interest to learn more about their work and what internship or employment opportunities they have to offer. This information is typically found on an “About” or “Career” link on the company’s home page.
  • If internship information is not specifically mentioned, they may still be open to the idea. Send a professional email to their Human Resources Department briefly introducing yourself, and inquire about potential internship opportunities.


  • Login to KnightWork to search internship opportunities.
  • Search internships through “Jobs: Marian Jobs”.

Indiana INTERNnet

  • Sign up to search internship opportunities throughout Indiana.
  • Login or register to begin search.


  • Create a profile on LinkedIn to network with individuals and companies of interest.
  • Login or register to network for potential internships.
  • Become a member of the Marian University (formerly Marian College) group and relevant subgroups (School of Liberal Arts, Byrum School of Business, etc.).
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