Why Change my Device Passwords?

I keep getting locked out?

Email and Wifi are two common device connections that can lock you out of your Marian University Account.  They can be commonly found on any device that connects to our network with you Marian University username and password including cellphones, tablets, smart phones, Xbox's, PS4's, etc.


All Connected Devices

Whenever you change your password, all devices that use your Marian University username and password will try to connect using your previous password until it is changed on that device. After so many failed attempts your account will be locked out because the Network has been led to believe that someone is trying to break-in using your account. You can prevent this by knowing all devices you have that connect using your Marian University account and updating them with your new password as soon as you change it.

Change Us Too

Remember Email Wifi


If you still have questions please contact us at the IT HelpDesk, (317) 955-6444, and we will be happy to assist.

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