Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered on this list, don't hesitate to ask us.

Where's the bookstore and the Knight and Day Cafe?

The Knight and Day Café is closed and no longer in the library. There is a Starbucks on campus in Alumni Hall next door. The bookstore is also no longer located in the library. It too is in Alumni Hall next door. If you have a question about its services, the bookstore's number is 317.955.6314.

Does the library have a color printer/copier and/or fax machine?

Unfortunately no, the library does not have a color printer, color copier or a fax machine.

Is my student account being charged when I make copies or use the printer? 

No, on some printing/copying devices there is a display that flashes what the cost would be if you were being charged, but there is no charge for printing/copying.

Is group study permitted in the library?

Yes, we have group study tables located on the first and second floors that enable students to engage in groupwork. We ask that students studying in groups be mindful of others in the library and minimize their noise to acceptable levels. If you anticipate making a lot of noise, then we encourage groups to reserve a study suite room.

May I have a library floor plan?

We are in the process of creating a printed map of what's on each floor of the library, but for the time being, here is a breakdown of the library's floor plan:

  • Basement: Archives; Library Auditorium; Study Suites; L008 Computer Lab; Restrooms
  • First floor: Circulation; Leisure Reading; Computing cluster; XChange (coming soon); Restrooms
  • Second floor: General collection call numbers A-B; Reference; Bound periodicals; Leisure Reading, videos, games; Special Collections; Microfilm; Study carrels
  • Third floor: General collection call numbers C-Z; Quiet Study only

I'm not affiliated with Marian University, but I'd like to use the library computers and/or check out items; am I able to do so?

Unfortunately, no. Though we would like to host non-affiliated Marian University patrons, we do not yet have the capability to do so at this time. The Department of Information Technology, however, will better answer your question about when this might occur.

May I see the library policies?

Here’s the most current version of our policies, but these are subject to change. If you have any questions, please consult a librarian or contact Rhonda Huisman, Director of University Library Services.

Does the library provide multimedia items for loan?

We do. We have a growing selection of digital video-cameras and scanners available for use within the library and checkout. Check out our Resources page.

Do I have to login to use the library databases?

Yes and no. If you are using our databases anywhere on campus you do not have to login. If you are off-campus, however, you will be prompted to login using your Marian e-mail username and password, which will then direct you to the list of databases to choose from. Simple as that.

How do I access my library account?

Users with a valid Marian University ID card can login to the catalog and thereby check their library account to verify due dates, renew items (only books), save/export citations, and determine whether any fines from overdue materials exist. The process:

  1. At the upper right hand corner click "My Library Account sign in".
  2. Enter your Marian University network username
  3. Enter your Marian University network password

Can I check-out reference materials and/or periodicals?

No, both periodicals and reference materials are for use within the library.

Can a student reserve a Study Suite room for a presentation?

Study Suites are first come first serve. On occasion the study suites will be placed on reserve for departmental functions.

Does the library have wireless access?

We certainly do. We also have instructions that you can download which will walk you through the process of setting it up on your laptop.


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