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Online Registration Resources

Current students register for classes online through the CAMS student portal. Students are expected to use the resources below to learn how to register online and to find the solutions to any problems that may occur during online registration. If your questions are not answered after thoroughly reviewing the informational resources provided here, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 317.955.6055 for assistance.

Spring 2016 Registration Schedule

College Level* Criteria Spring 2016 Registration Day
Senior 94+ earned credit hours Monday, November 2
Junior 62-93.99 earned credit hours Wednesday, November 4
Sophomore 30-61.99 earned credit hours Monday, November 9
Freshman 0-29.99 earned credit hours Wednesday, November 11

Registration days are determined based on a student's college level as defined by their number of cumulative earned credit hours. Current students can determine their college level by going to "My Transcript" on their CAMS student portal, checking the number in the cumulative earned column at the bottom of the transcript (for number of earned credit hours), and finding the corresponding college level in the chart above. Registration for all students with a given college level opens at 12 a.m. (midnight) at the start of each registration day. Students can register at any time on or after their registration day provided that they have cleared any financial holds and have been approved to register by their academic advisor(s).*

Students whose college level is one of the following can register beginning on Monday, November 2: second degree, graduate student, licensure only, or no college level.

Online Registration Resources for Students

Online Registration Resources for Faculty/Advisors

This document details the process for "releasing" your advisees to register online.

Faculty portal registration (drop/add) instructions are only accessible via the faculty portal news page.

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