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Short-Term Programs

Short-term study abroad programs are two to three week team-taught courses conducted by various faculty members from sponsoring departments at Marian University. 

These short-term courses allow for an in-depth examination of a given topic in the country of choice. In past years, these study abroad programs have included Italy ("The Roman World: Its Time, Its Transformation and Its Influence") and France ("Revolution: Arts and Ideas").

Marian University has new exchange programs with the following universities. Contact Anthony Shull for details on these exciting opportunities!

Short-Term Study Abroad Options in 2017

Harlaxton College

May 5 to 18, 2017
Led by Dr. Bill Mirola, Professor of Sociology
Contact mirola@marian.edu for more information.


Xplore Asia

May 12 to 25, 2017
Led by Dr. Jeffrey Carvell, Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering Contact jcarvell@marian.edu for more information.

The Xplore Asia Short-Term International Engineering Experience is a faculty-led program designed to introduce engineering and science students to the engineering field on an international scale. The program includes a variety of cultural visits, university lectures, and company visits in several cities in China. Students will be led on guided tours experiencing the Chinese culture, while also seeing first-hand the research, manufacturing, and development of items from everyday life.



Myth and Imagination; Ireland, Spain, Italy

May 7 to 28, 2017
Led by Dr. Jamie Higgs, Associate Professor of Art and Art Historyand Dr. Dave Shumate, Professor of English (retired)
Contact jhiggs@marian.edu for more information.

The classic sagas of Ireland and their expression by way of culture, myth, and art will begin our study.   Abstraction in the form of Hibernian interlace connects Ireland to the Iberian arabesque of Spain.  What stories, traditions and outlooks does each reveal? What tensions arise from the confrontation between the myriad of cultures found throughout Ireland and Spain when Classicism, with its origins in Italy, takes hold?  




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