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Marian University Senior Show Gallery Hop Opens April 14

by Jenny Ambroise | Apr 03, 2014

photo by Alex HodsonThe Marian University Senior Show Gallery Hop will feature the work of eight art department seniors: Sydney Shewmaker, Kacie Southerland, Hadeiyah Ameen, Veronica Belles, Alex Hodson, Cassie Sprinkle, Alex Perry, and Peter Hayes.

The graphic design, photography, art therapy, and fine art majors’ work will be on display in the Marian University Theater Lobby and the hallway of Fisher Hall from April 14- May 2 and a gallery hop reception will be held in both locations on April 17 from 4:00-6:30 p.m.


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    sudaraka aiya loku lamayek vela tamahi..eeth ei me A/L ana gaththe blog keruvavta gihillada.. 2nd shy karanna aiye..aparade oyage jeevithe.. hithanna kavada hari oyage daruvek kemathi veida mage thaththa ta A/Ls vath nehe kiyanna hunga davasakin blog ekata evith nehe vage..

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