dcsimg Diocesan Employee Family Grant Application Deadline Is March 1

Diocesan Employee Family Grant Application Deadline Is March 1

by Bob Golobish | Jan 30, 2013
Blessed Mother Mary Shrine and Rosary Walk at Marian UniversityThe Diocesan Employee Family Grant is an annually renewable grant for students, spouses, or dependent children of a parent who are full-time employees of a Catholic diocese, including parish schools and agencies across the country.

When the grant program was created several years ago, President Elsener had this to say about it: "Beth and I have raised nine children, and we have worked hard to provide them with a Catholic education from kindergarten all the way through college.
We made the necessary sacrifices because we—as do thousands of others—passionately believe in the value of a Catholic education. I know how expensive college can be. To help diocesan employees afford Catholic higher education, we are offering diocesan employees of the Catholic church a 50 percent tuition discount for their sons and daughters.
I believe it is part of our mission as a Catholic college to be in the forefront of educating the next generation of young Catholic men and women who will serve the church. Because of your loving service to the church, I wanted to make this opportunity available to you."
The grant will cover up to one half of the tuition cost each year, subject to the amount of other academic scholarships received.

Those that are interested in grant are encouraged to apply soon. The application deadline is March 1, 2013.
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