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Marian University in the News

The people, programs, and potential of Marian University have been making the headlines in Indianapolis and beyond. Here's a look at the headlines. 

Marian Knights, the College Football Powerhouse You've Never Heard of

The Bleacher Report on December 10, 2014
Players at Marian are unlike most you’ll find in Division I football. Individual aspirations are replaced with team goals, while players who aren’t getting playing time are more concerned with their team winning than getting on the field.

The Knights are an example of football in its purest form. Off-field investigations and national spotlights are replaced by young men who want nothing more than to play the game they love and bring their school a second national title.

“This season has definitely been one I’ll never forget,” Lake said. “The chemistry and mentality of this team reminds me so much of 2012 because it feels like a family again, and collectively we are a stronger and more mentally tough team than a year ago.”

Triple Amputee Cyclist: "Not Giving Up"
The Indianapolis Star on October 5, 2014
Moise Brutus, his face a mask of fierce determination, is pedaling his bicycle around the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis. 

He is living a dream--a college athlete, a cyclist on a nationally renowned team at Marian University. 

Small College See Fast Growth
WISH-TV (CBS-Indianapolis)on September 2, 2014
Excerpt: Marian University is one of the fastest growing colleges in the country. 

A Chat with Tour de France Best Young Rider Coryn Rivera
www.bicycling.com in August 2014 
At just 22, Coryn Rivera has already amassed 58 national championship jerseys in road, track, and cyclocross. 

When she's not working on her marketing and entrepreneurship degree at Marian University in Indianapolis and tearing up the collegiate racing across the country, the California native rides for the United Healthcare professional cycling team. 

Need a Job or Career Change? "Come Explore Nursing" Event Wednesday Night
WXIN-TV (FOX-Indianapolis) on August 27, 2014
Registered nurses are Indiana's second most in-demand occupation, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development's "Hoosier Hot Jobs" list. Meanwhile, a lot of Hoosiers want a career change or need a job. 

Marian University is hosting a "Come Explore Nursing" event Wednesday. It's a chance to learn about all the nursing programs the school offers, including the accelerated nursing program, a 16-month program designed for people with a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing major. 

Recent College Grads Offer Advice to Incoming Freshmen
The Indianapolis Star on August 16, 2014
The 'freshmen 15.' Living away from home. for an extended period of time. Coming home on your own after a late night party. Roommate dynamics. 

For many people the first years of college are filled with new experiences, many positive, some challenging. We turned to a group of women who have recently graduated from college and asked what they might tell their younger selves or a sister embarking on their college careers today. 

Habitat Home Starts to Take Shape
WXIN-TV (FOX-Indianapolis) on August 8, 2014
Volunteers arrived Friday morning to help with FOX59's Habitat for Humanity Build. By 8:45 a.m. the home was already starting to take shape. 

It's Marian University's second year on this project. 

"It's important that we teach our students--and staff and faculty--the importance of service learning projects like this one," said Mark Apple from the University. 

Marian's Lake Nominated for Allstate Good Works Team
The Indianapolis Recorder on July 31, 2014
Excerpt: Tevin Lake, who is an Indiana native, has been named one of the nominees from Marian University. Lake, who is running back for the Knights, has an impressive community service resume. He conducted an Alzheimer's Awareness seminar at IUPUI, runs a Big Brothers Big Sisters program on campus in conjunction with football games and has also created activities for the residents of local homeless shelters.  

Marian University Adds Two Master's Degrees
Inside INdiana Business on July 9, 2014
Excerpt: Marian University has received accreditation for two new master's degrees in education. Starting in the fall semester, the university will offer a master's in educational leadership. those pursuing the master's degree in educational leadership can also earn a concentration in Catholic education distinction.  

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  1. 1 Lori A. Reaves, DO 25 Mar

    I am a 1993 Alumni of Kirksville College of Osteopathic
    Medicine. I would love  to speak with Dr. Bill Kuchera, in regard to his
    contributions  to “The Pocket Manual of OMT” ,but I am unable to locate
    him. If you could arrange for Dr. Mike Kuchera and I to speak that would be great. 

     I used his father’s text to study for the recent
    performance section of the Family Medicine Boards in Las Vegas.  I failed
    the hands on OMT Boards miserably;  twice.  A Kirksville Graduate
    failing OMT!  Unheard of.  I have those “Healing Hands” so often
    spoken of at Kirksville. 


    My biggest problem with the performance test is that I’d
    find a real somatic dysfunction in the same anatomic area  related to the
    case scenario fix it than I was asked to fix the “fake” somatic
    dysfunction.  They expected me to fix a “pretend somatic
    dysfunction”.  I tried!  My hands would go to the fake site and no
    somatic dysfunction so my brain could not pretend to diagnose and treat what
    was not there.  Finally I needed to speak this falsehood ie voice a fake
    somatic dysfunction than voice fake anatomic findings and voice fake treatment.
    The disconnect was too much for my Osteopathic brain so I slowed down.  I
    tried to focus and concentrate through the charade but I ran out of time with
    every scenario.  I feel that my being a Kirksville Graduate trained as
    well as I am in OMT by you and your Dad handicapped me.  The test should
    make allowances for those DO’s who do not pretend to practice Osteopathic


    This is the fourth time I’m recertifying in Family Medicine
    and I’ve never failed.  I’ve never failed my performance boards, my
    written Family Medicine, Geriatric, nor my Hospice Palliative Medicine
    Boards.  I don’t believe there was a moderator from Kirksville testing me


    I am writing to you and your dad to learn how I might “dumb
    down “ my “Healing Hands” and/or un-train my brain to the Principles and
    Practices of Osteopathic Medicine that I so proudly learned from you both. I
    must pass this performance exam.   I have to return to Vegas in
    September 2013 for the final trial of the performance the AOBFP allows me to
    take.  I must pass!


    I believe I did pass in Vegas March 21, 2013 at 12
    noon.  If I were to be judged by “real”  OMT .  I can be judged
    by my real “Healing Hands” as my partner for my first trial was a Professor of
    Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine from West Virginia School of Osteopathic
    Medicine.  I recognized him from the many video’s of OMT treatments from
    dad’s book.  He could attest to my “healing hands”. 


    I want to send a letter much like this to Carol Thoma at
    AOBFP and ask for an appeal!   Do I have grounds for appeal or do I
    need a tutor?  You and your dad’s mentorship is greatly needed and




    Lori A. Reaves, DO

    Geriatrician, Elder Care Specialist

    Visiting Physician Associates of South Jersey

    640 North White Horse Pike

    Hammonton, New Jersey 08037


    Cell  609/238/7732




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