dcsimg Jeremy Vates

Jeremy Vates '13

Enrolled at University of Louisville

Bachelor of Science Degree,
Major in Mathematics,
Concentration in Pure Mathematics

School of Mathematics and Sciences

“Marian University has given me multiple opportunities such as independent research and summer internships that pushed me outside my box and gave me the skills I need to be successful in my career.”

Jeremy Vates, a transfer student, wanted smaller class sizes and personal relationships with professors. He knew Marian University could offer him both of these important aspects, which made his decision to attend here an easy one.

The 21st Century Scholars Program had provided Vates with many opportunities. “If not for Marian University’s 21st Century Scholars Program, I would not have received all of the opportunities that I believe have defined me as a student and have prepared me for my future goals in graduate school.” Vates added, “They have built a great community and support system for the other scholars and me. A student can walk into their office at any time with any problem.” Vates was a member of the green team, a program helping clean up the football stadium during games. He said the experience he had with his fellow team members brought him great humility. “Picking up trash is not the most fun thing in the world. Fans seemed shocked at first, then grateful. I really think being a part of the green team allowed me to represent Marian University and its desire to be environmentally conscious.”

One of Vates’ professors, Ben Allgeier, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics, once gave him the opportunity to attend a technology conference held by Wolfram Research. “It was a great opportunity to communicate with people who have worked on and with Mathematica, an application for computations that fully integrates computations into complete workflows, a program we used at Marian University. The workshops and lectures were amazing and the contacts I made will be very helpful in my career.” Vates plans to attend the University of Louisville in Kentucky soon and hopes to continue his education, eventually completing a doctorate degee in mathematics.

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