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Tanya Corbett - Featured MAP Faculty

by John Armitage | Nov 27, 2012
Teaching and learning has always been a passion for MAP instructor Tanya Corbett.  
Teaching and learning has always been a passion for MAP instructor Tanya Corbett. She shares her enthusiasm by stating, "I find it so hard to believe I get paid to do something I enjoy so much—it’s like being paid for a hobby! I love meeting new people and learning from their experiences." Bringing her own personal and professional experiences into the classroom is what she does best. Corbett has been employed with Roche Diagnostics for many years and has been in a variety of roles within the company. She facilitated training in the corporate arena for many years prior to teaching at the academic level as well. According to Corbett, "It’s very easy for me to incorporate professional experiences into my courses because the courses I teach have so much relevance with the day-to-day loves of most people. Dealing with challenging situations in the workplace is common for many and several of my classes have material which relates to issues like this. People are also typically concerned with issues surrounding pay and benefits as well as training, so I incorporate many real life scenarios I’ve encountered in as many of the courses as possible." Corbett is in her second year of teaching adult education classes in MAP. She commonly teaches human resources courses such as HR Management, Principles of Management, Employee Training and Development, Organizational Behavior, Compensation and Benefit Management, Leadership, Principles of Real Estate, and Selling and Sales Management. Her lessons accentuate the fun side of education by placing emphasis on group work, role-play, and other in-class activities. Outside materials are also incorporated to keep students up to date with current events. Corbett’s goal is to keep everyone "as engaged as possible." According to her, "Participation is a must in my classes." When asked what she would like students to take away from her class, she stated, "Dealing with adversity and ongoing changes are one take away I would like students to have. It gives me so much joy to know a student has actually learned something from one of my classes and has tried to put whatever that is into practice." Corbett encourages her students to, "Stay positive in the workplace, volunteer to do projects that can give you visibility and learn to work with and get along with all people. Your reputation will follow you, especially in a larger corporation. You want to make sure you don’t burn any bridges and to put your best foot forward at all times." We’re proud to announce that Corbett has been accepted into the Ph.D. program at Ball State University. We look forward to having her teach more in MAP and wish her the best as she continues her education.

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