Strategic Priorities and Goals for Academic Years 2011-14

Priority I. Dramatically advance the academic quality and perception (hold entire Marian community to a higher standard) of Marian University through these priorities:  (Lead Agent: Dr. Tom Enneking)


  • Goal  A. Execute with exceptional excellence the established plan to open and operate a top-tier College of Osteopathic Medicine as measured in quality of:1) Educational Outcomes; 2) Faculty; 3) Students; and, 4) Resources. (Lead Agent: Dr. Paul Evans)
  • Goal B. Marian University’s School of Math and Science is a “breakthrough academic program” achieving explicit and rigorous learning outcomes that establish Marian as a leader in Indiana as measured by the placement of graduates in professional schools, life and health science employment, K-12 math and science teaching positions, science and math graduate schools, and in placing knowledgeable STEM K-12 administrators.  (Lead Agent: Dr. Loren Bertocci)
  • Goal C. Engage the Marian University faculty and, where appropriate the administration and entire Marian community, in the Lumina/HLC Degree Qualifications Profile project so that the Marian community can more clearly articulate learning outcomes, assessment, and teaching practices that advance student learning in all areas, with a special emphasis on the role of the Liberal Arts.  (Lead Agent: Dr. Tom Enneking)
  • Goal D. Meet enrollment goals (first-time freshman, transfers, retention, special programs and in each academic school) and the student profile and net tuition income required to exceed ten year financial plan goals. (Lead Agent: Dr. Tom Enneking)
  • Goal E. Each school will provide a plan that articulates measurable goals and objectives (enrollment, academic quality, etc.), a strategy to achieve these goals, and annual analyses of progress against clear and rigorous metrics of academic achievement.  (Lead Agents: President Elsener & Dr. Tom Enneking)
  • Goal F. Provide a clear articulation of the distinctive qualities of the Marian University liberal arts curriculum and how the program, integrated with experiential learning and career discernment, provides Marian graduates with advantages in their life and professional pursuits.  (Lead Agent: Dr. Jamey Norton)

Priority II. Provide an intellectual, social, and spiritually vibrant campus life through these goals:


  • Goal A. Design, fund, and build a library and make investment in the present Revised 4/24/12library in order that it can serve as an outstanding student center/learning commons/dining option for the entire campus.  (Lead Agent: Greg Ginder)
  • Goal B. Achieve 95 percent occupancy of all available student housing in each of the next three academic years. (Lead Agent: Dean Ruth Rodgers)
  • Goal C. In cooperation with a developer, build housing for graduate and professional students.  (Lead Agent: Greg Ginder)
  • Goal D. Create a plan that articulates metrics, strategy, and financial goals for the athletics department.  (Lead Agent: Steve Downing)
  • Goal E. Implement a comprehensive leadership development program that achieves clearly articulated objectives directly related to Marian’s vision of educating and forming students to be profoundly transformational influences in the world.  The leadership priorities over the next 36 months are in this order:
    1. K-12 Educational Leaders, especially principals (Lead Agent: Dr. Lindan Hill)
    2. Students (Lead Agent: Dean Ruth Rodgers)
    3. Business (Lead Agent: Dr. Russ Kershaw)

Priority III. Continue to improve the programming and articulation of the outcomes that measure the faith dimension of Marian University through these goals:   (Lead Agent: Sr. Jean Marie Cleveland)


  • Goal A. Provide a plan that allows a continuous and thoughtful search to better understand and articulate well-defined outcomes that the faith dimension of Marian University is to provide our students, faculty, staff, and the entire Marian community through the Rebuild My Church initiative.
  • Goal B. Meet the goals and objectives associated with the San Damiano Scholars and the Bishop Brute Seminary programs, and acquire the resources necessary to fund scholarships for these students.


  • Goal C. Provide the resources necessary to place religious art/iconography around campus that conveys Marian University’s Catholic identity in the following areas:
    1. Complete the Blessed Mother Mary Shrine and Rosary Walk
    2. Complete the chapel at the entrance of the Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences
    3. Complete the major artwork designed for the Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences (five murals on our values: prayerful reflection, dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship)
    4. Complete a major mural relief depicting St. Francis and St. Clare and their commitment to healing

Priority IV. Meet and exceed the clearly defined financial resource needs and management plan through these goals: 


  • Goal A.  Meet the Institutional Advancement fundraising goal of $10-15 million per year (at least $4-5 million in cash and the remainder in pledges and deferred gifts).   (Lead Agents: Dan Conway and John Finke)
  • Goal C. Complete a study of the “ideal enrollment, program, and financial model” that will guide the annual budget priorities and the ten-year financial plan, and allow Marian University to operate in a most efficient and effective manner.  (Lead Agent: Dr. Tom Enneking)
  • Goal D. Provide and meet a strategic financial plan that eliminates the need for any institutional subsidy for the Lake Sullivan and Velodrome facility, provides funds for capital improvements from new sources, and the provides dynamic programs to Marian University and Indianapolis communities. (Lead Agent: Deb Lawrence)


  • Goal B. Execute a $105 million bond sale on October 20, 2011 (at the lowest possible interest rate), which will fund $65.5 million in capital expenditures and refinance all of Marian University’s existing long-term debt equaling $19.7 million.  (Lead Agent: Greg Ginder)

For study and progress in the next 36 months:

  1. Productive collaborations with the 21 members of the Association of Franciscan and  Catholic Universities and the 30 Independent Colleges of Indiana
  2. Use of internet and technology to advance the mission of Marian University
  3. Engineering and information technology programs which are foundational to Marian’s  academic priorities and the life/health/bio science initiative of Indiana.
  4. Develop a comprehensive personnel recruitment, development, retention, succession,  and performance management benefit and compensation plan, including timelines and  recommended investments.
  5. Ways in which Marian University may contribute exceptional human capital and basic  and applied research to the life/health/bio sciences initiatives in central Indiana.
  6. Innovation in processes, delivery of education and student services, and management of  facilities and technology such that quality is increased and costs are decreased.

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