Luann Brames

Director of Freshmen Admission

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Luann Brames is a graduate of Forest Park High School in Ferdinand, Indiana. After graduating from Forest Park, she attended Marian University where she majored in psychology. Upon completing her bachelor's degree, she began working in the Office of Admission as a counselor. She just completed her 18th recruiting season and serves as director of freshmen admission.

What is your favorite place on campus?
Alumni Hall.  It's vibrant and I always connect with someone new or catch up with someone I haven't seen recently.  (It may also serve my coffee obsession thanks to Starbucks!)  

What do you like best about Indianapolis?
Coming from a small, close knit community I was excited for all the new opportunities awaiting me in the city (museums, music entertainment, professional sports, and shopping). I was pleased to discover that Indianapolis offered me the excitement of a city while still offering me easy navigation, friendly people, and a true community atmosphere.

Who would you rather have for a roommate—a zombie, a vampire, a gremlin or bigfoot?
Bigfoot. (Just for the mystery)

Where would you most like to visit?
Germany to see where my ancestors came from and Italy for it's beauty and architecture.

What is a favorite memory of your time at Marian University?
One of my favorite memories is the first home football game held on campus. The crowd was huge and there was so much excitement in the air. I also love new student move-in day and commencement. I love witnessing the growth and experiences a student encounters in their four short years on campus.

What advice would you offer to incoming freshmen?
Begin researching colleges early and visit a wide variety of schools. Each university has it's own feel and you can't capture this through a website or brochure. I would also encourage students to test early with the ACT and SAT and retest.

What is one question that every student should ask during the college search?
Most universities offer similar programs and majors. I encourage students to learn how each program is set apart from the other. Who teaches the courses? Are internships integrated into the program? Are courses delivered in a traditional lecture method or do they allow for student research and close interaction with faculty? How the courses are taught and delivered to students can make all the difference. It's important to find a college that will match your learning style and challenge you every step of the way.

Contact Luann:
317.955.6306 - direct line
800.772.7264 - toll free

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